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This page includes any information related to or from the Cadillac V-Club including our Regions and Chapters related to events and activities.
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  • 01/10/2024 1:24 PM | Anonymous

    The Cadillac V-Corral/Suite ticket packages sold out in less than 5 minutes today when they went on sale at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.  Several Cadillac V-Cub members where fortunate to purchase ticket packages before all available tickets were acquired.   Unfortunately, the number of ticket packages available is restricted by the size of the suites and this year the demand for tickets significantly exceeded availability.

    The exclusive three-day Cadillac V-Performance Racing experience includes:

    • One (1) on-site parking pass to the Cadillac V Performance Car Corral. Access limited to Cadillac vehicles only
    • Two (2) three-day suite passes to the Cadillac V Performance Hospitality Suite with indoor/outdoor views of the entire circuit
    • Exclusive opportunity to drive your Cadillac on the track at Daytona International Speedway
    • Premium catered meals, snacks and beverages in the Cadillac V Performance Hospitality Suite
    • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access with Cadillac Racing teams and drivers
    • Meet and greet opportunities with Cadillac executives and V Performance engineers

    For additional information on upcoming Cadillac V-Corral ticket package opportunities at IMSA events visit .

  • 01/08/2024 3:41 PM | Anonymous

    Our Newsletter to provide a recap of Cadillac V-Club activities and key initiatives that were achieved this past year has been published.

    Click the image to view the online version of our Newsletter which also includes a link in the top right-hand corner to a PDF version that is downloadable and printable for offline viewing. 

    To scroll this this online version, use your mouse to click on the bottom right hand corner of the "flip book".  You can also view the Newsletter in full screen mode.

  • 10/08/2023 9:07 PM | Anonymous

    SOURCE: Danial Stalcup - Chapter Director

    In this edition of Norcal Chapter Updates and Events:

    • New Members!
    • NorCal V-Club News!
    • Upcoming V-Club events!
    • Upcoming car enthusiast events!

    New Members;
    Everyone, let's welcome 3 new members to NorCal V-Club.

    • Katie S: Katie is from Moraga and has an Electric Blue CT5-V Blackwing. I met her at a Thunderhill track day.  It was her first track day and she was really enjoying it.  Nice to see another owner taking their car to the track where the car really shines!  
    • Derek J.: Derek is from Palo Alto and has a CT5-V Blackwing, I haven't met Derek yet but we hope to see you at the next event and get to know you.  
    • Kevin R.: Kevin has had a CTS V-Sport and recently announced on the Facebook groups that he just upgraded to the CT5-V Blackwing which is every V-Sport owner's dream.  He lives in Fresno and I look forward to meeting him in person.  


    Member recognition:  I'd like to highlight our member Sha!  I referred Rudy (a felow Porsche friend) to Sha.  Rudy was looking for a powerful, manual trans sedan and had interest in the CT5-V Blackwing but couldn't find a dealer to let him drive one.  Sha let this stranger drive his car (probably like it was meant to be driven) and Rudy was sold!  Thanks to Sha's generosity and trust, we now have a likely future V-Club member as Rudy has ordered a CT5-V Blackwing!  Thanks Sha!

    Member Sim Racing:

    One of our recent events was sim racing at Drive Simulations in Concord.  Those who participated really had a great time, and our member Rich Rose had such a great time he joined a weekly racing league at Drive Simulations.  Rich captained Scuderia RKR, a 3 man team for a 6-week sim-racing league. Using state of the art simulators and cars from the GT World Challenge on Assetto Corsa Competizione, they competed at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mt. Panorama, Nurburgring, Suzuka; and Laguna Seca, CA. The three-man format gave each driver a practice/qualy/race against one driver from 5 other teams. RKR entered Laguna 15 points back and had a dominant night, going P4, P1* and P1* (*=fastest lap) for a huge points haul. Unfortunately, they finished 2 points shy in the end. But, second earned them $200 cash, $300 in vouchers and tons of great racing memories.

    Rich said "It's not a game, it really is a simulation. If felt like we travelled the world and fought each other in exotic places. People were passionate, on and off the track. We built bonds, loved the competition, and signed up for the fall league. We took lots of wins, mourned a few losses, and had great comradery along the way. We expanded our driving skills, too. I highly recommend it!"

    You too can join a racing league with Drive Simulations.  Visit Drive Simulations League and Drift Events

    Speaking of simulators, member Philip Adams has been getting some quality parts to build his home sim and has really enjoyed the experience.  Using Assetto Corsa, just like Drive Simulations, Phil has designed his setup around his capable computer with a Fanatec CSL DD 8nm wheel and pedal setup.  If you would like to get in touch to get some advice from him, let me know and I'll get you in touch! Check out Phil's setup, he almost bought a dedicated seat but he's got something way cooler for his 2019 CTS-V coming:

    V-Club Apparel:  Any members have interest in collaborating with the V-Club for some apparel design?  Maybe you have someone in the family?  If so, let me know and maybe you can help us create some awesome V-Club apparel.  

    Upcoming V-Club Events:

    • Don't miss the V-Club tech talk for Kook's Headers coming on October 12th at 5pm PDT.  You should have received an email.  Kook's headers are for the V8 cars but they will surely teach you something in the tech talk.  Just another benefit of being a V-Club member!
    • Our Signature Wheel meet in Sacramento was unfortunately cancelled. It was just bad timing for everyone including myself.  We will make it happen, perhaps after the holidays.  
    • Speaking of current times, I apologize but I've got a lot on my plate in my personal life and I'm not as involved as I'd like to be right now. However, any member is welcome to organize  a meet or drive and we can get it on the calendar. 
    • I'd love to see a Mt. Hamilton/Mines Rd drive soon. I am unable to organize but if anyone wants to volunteer to lead this I would be happy to coordinate with you!
    • ˆThe 2023 NorCal V-Club Holiday Banquet planning is in its early stages.  We will let you know as soon as we have confirmed a venue and date/time.  Thank you to all who participated in our survey.  Our budget is tight based on Bay Area standards so we are glad that so many are up for a mid-day banquet as this will help us get the most out of the budget.  

    Upcoming Car Enthusiast Events:

    Remember to email me if you plan to attend any car event and I'll help coordinate other members that are also interested.  Who knows, you may start a chain reaction and a big V-club turnout.  All track and autocross events can be accessed through  Have an event not listed?  Share with me and I'll add it to the next newsletter.

    As winter approaches, many car events dwindle down a bit so try to attend as many as possible!

    Car Shows/Cars and Coffee:

    Track Days:



    • 11/6: Drive Simulations Drift School.  Rich Rose and I have both signed up for drift school at Drive Simulations.  The truth is that if you can drift well, you can also recover from a serious car upset.  This is my goal with attendance, to build my drift and recovery skills and then take it to the real drift pad one day to apply these skills in the real car.  They have many classes and we are attending November 6th.  Drive Simulations League and Drift Events
    • 11/10-11/12: Velocity Invitational at Sonoma Raceway.  Cars, entertainment, legendary drivers and more.  This event also celebrates McLaren's 60th anniversary and there's lots of reasons to go!

  • 08/30/2023 9:42 AM | Anonymous

    It is with great excitement that today we officially announce Brembo as a new Diamond Sponsor of the Cadillac V-Club. 

    Since the beginning of the Cadillac V-Series, in 2004, Brembo has been the standard for all V's! If you know you know..Brembo brakes have incredible stopping power for your daily driver or your track monster and everything in between. Brembo has brake kits, pads, discs, and lubricants for all your braking needs!

    Check them out at:

    It is with equal excitement that today we officially announce that Michelin has also joined our Diamond Sponsorship program.

    Just like Brembo & Mobil 1, Michelin has been the default performance tire on every V-Series since the brand started in 2004. Michelin is known across the world for making everything from incredible daily driver performance, highly rated track day, all terrain and all weather tires. You will find that Michelin has a tire to meet the need for your V's and all your other vehicle needs.

    Check them out at:

    The Cadillac V-Club is incredibly honored to have the 3 primary OEM brands (Mobil1, Brembo, and Michelin) of the V-Series brands as Diamond Sponsors and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with these companies.

    Click here
    to learn more about our Diamond Sponsors

  • 08/08/2023 6:57 PM | Anonymous


    Click on above image to watch the 2022 Blackwing Experience "on-track" video

    With the continued support of Cadillac headquarters and Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, the Cadillac V-Club will be hosting our 3rd annual event at the Cadillac V-Performance Academy in Pahrump, NV to experience the exhilarating drive of Cadillac's newest performance V-Series machines, the Cadillac V-Series Blackwings!   

    The dates are Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2023. This year we are offering a choice of two different sessions based on driver experience.  Day 1 will be for Novice & Intermediate drivers and Day 2 will be for Advanced drivers

    For more information and to RSVP register click here.  Registration is only available to Cadillac V-Club members so if you are not yet a member, visit the Join Us page.

  • 07/29/2023 11:44 AM | Anonymous

    Effective immediately the Cadillac V-Club has launched our first chapter in the great country of Canada! There is a strong V-Series and Cadillac presence there and we are pleased to officially charter a local chapter based in the great city of Toronto!

    Mike Roderickson has been appointed as the Director of the Toronto Chapter. Mike hails from Mississauga Ontario Canada. Mike has many hobbies and tries to keep an active lifestyle with sports such as volleyball, hockey, golf and his favorite sport men’s league fastball. Mike says he tried out for the MLB a couple of times and while he didn’t make it he got the Caddy anyway:) Mike is a landscaper by trade whose work includes anything and everything to make landscaping dreams come true. As a treat to himself and for his 40th birthday he specially ordered his 2021 CT5-V AWD as his daily driver. Mike's V has racked up 70,000km already with 50,000 of them in track mode!

    Mike has always been fascinated with Cadillac’s since he was young with the big Coupe De Ville’s floating along and then in his 20s when the first V’s showed up. Mike say's he couldn't be happier with the V and when he is not landscaping he's going for scenic drives in the natures paradise where he lives in Ontario as well as cruising downtown Toronto for some of those late night views of the city lights. Track days are one of Mike favorite activities to during the summer with long road course's, drag strips, and of course private airstrip events.

    Mike has big plans for the Toronto Chapter and already on working hard for the members to enjoy what our prestigious club has to offer!

  • 07/27/2023 8:20 PM | Anonymous

    Effective immediately, the new Seattle/Portland Chapter Director is Alberto Lopez.

    Alberto grew up in Mount Vernon,WA then moved to Puyallup prior to his high school years where he now lives with his wife and 2 young boys. Cars have always been a passion of his, while his family always come first, owning a Vector Blue CTS-V is a way to have the best of both worlds at the same time! According to Alberto, there is not a better feeling driving a Cadillac V with all his family to the many different events around the Pacific Northwest. In his spare time Alberto loves spending it with his family riding bikes, going to car shows and looking for new fun activities on the weekend.

    Corey Fontenot has been selected as the new Houston Chapter Director.

    Corey Fontenot aka “Corey Ray” is a resident of East Houston Texas. A graduate of North Shore Senior High School and Alvin Community College. He has loved cars all his life and is very partial to Cadillac V-Series vehicles. Corey love's Jesus, America and muscle cars. He has a beautiful wife named Cynthia Fontenot who supports his car enthusiasm and usually tags along to events/races. He has owned his 2011 CTS-V Coupe for 2 years and has modified, raced and thoroughly enjoyed this car since owning it. Corey is a massive advocate for car culture and enjoys other builds and helping people in general. He is a former welder and now work as an estimator for a custom fabrication shop. Corey also owns a pressure washing company with his best friend Eric. Corey loves drag racing, roll racing, auto cross and just enjoying his V!

  • 06/27/2023 8:06 AM | Anonymous

    Jennifer Kniffin of Fort Worth, Texas has joined the Cadillac V-Club Operational Leadership Team (OLT) as the new Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter Director.   Jennifer is a business owner who is married to her firefighter husband Wes whom she met while racing his LS1 against her LT1 Camaro.  Jennifer and Wes have 3 children; 20, 19, and almost 15. Fast forward to today and Jennifer owns a 2016 Frost White (1 of 29) CTS-V that dyno's approximately 900 hp to the wheels and Wes has a C7 Z06 with around 820 hp. Now that's impressive and of course, she's the cooler one and can gap him. The pair love to race, go to car meets, and even just go cruise as often as they can. They also have an offshore racing boat that is 37 feet long and about 1600hp, so if they aren't on the streets or track, they're on the water.

    Jennifer is looking forward to meeting all of the Cadillac V-Club DFW Chapter members and will be hosting a meet 'n greet event soon in August that will be announced on our official event calendar soon.  The DFW Chapter of the Cadillac V-Club currently has 126 active members and the Cadillac V-Club has 17 local chapters spread among 6 regions that include 832 members. 

    We are excited to welcome Jennifer as our newest Chapter Director.  You can connect with Jennifer on Facebook at
    DFW Cadillac V Syndicate. As long as you own a Cadillac V-Series vehicle and reside with the DFW metroplex, you are invited to join this Facebook page.  Check out this photo of her beautiful CTS-V!

  • 02/17/2023 8:20 AM | Gene Hawks

    Cadillac announced in 2022 that all Cadillac V-Series owners of a Blackwing model will receive free of charge one of the new Blackwing badges. For those of us who own either a CT4-V or CT5-V Blackwings this was well received news!

    Based on input from Cadillac V-Club member surveys shared with Cadillac headquarters, the Cadillac Marketing team announced last fall that 2023 models and beyond will incorporate a new Blackwing badge on the rear of the car. Cadillac has also announced that those owners with 2022 and early 2023's V-Series Blackwings will be provided the new badges at no charge.

    Click here to order your Blackwing badge.  This offer is available only through the end of March, 2023.  Only owners of CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing vehicles are eligible for this offer.  Limit one badge per VIN#.  As Cadillac receives customer order information, the VIN# they provide will be matched to their name and vehicle to ensure eligibility.

  • 12/23/2022 8:17 AM | Anonymous


    This year all 13 Cadillac V-Club local chapters hosted holiday banquets for their members. We know that great times were shared by all and we appreciate the opportunity to spend time together as a Chapter/Club. 

    Everyone who RSVP'd to attend a local chapter holiday banquet was entered into a random drawing for a chance to win prizes. With the grand prize being a tuition paid trip to Spring Mountain to attend the Cadillac V Performance Academy as a thank you from Cadillac.

    • 1 complete set of Michelin Tires
    • 1 of 5 Pyrotec full face custom Cadillac Racing helmets autographed by members of the Cadillac Racing Team
    • 1 tuition paid trip to the two-day V-Series Academy in Pahrump, Nevada in 2023

    Cadillac sponsored some additional prizes that included both regional and local chapter members! 

    • Another paid trip to the two day V-Series Academy in Pahrump, Nevada in 2023
    • 5 Pyrotec full face custom Cadillac Racing helmets autographed by members of the Cadillac Racing Team

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Michelin Tire Certificate - Danny Brooks San Antonio, TX

    Pyrotec Full Face Cadillac Racing Helmets

    • Jon Somogyi La Vernia, TX
    • Matthew Martin Las Vegas, NV.
    • Steven Lanier Garland, TX
    • Timothy Varlack Houston, TX
    • Dave Carlson Farmington, CT
    • Mickey Cannon Tacoma WA
    • David Dils Fort Worth, TX
    • Andrew Dukes Lovettesville, VA
    • Larry Brannock San Diego, CA
    • Aaron Buentello Georgetown, TX

    Grand Prize #1 Winner: Ross Buchholtz - Austin, TX

    Grand Prize #2 Winner: Roger Hamson - Las Vegas NV

    All winners were chosen via a drawing held on Additionally, the helmets sizes are limited (most are medium sized) and we will ship what sizes we have. No exchanges are possible. For the winners we will send the helmets out to the address we have on file unless you reach out and tell us differently. 

    Both of the grand prize winners will receive a full tuition paid trip to the two-day Cadillac V-Performance Academy located at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Pahrump, NV. 

    Recipients of prize certificates are responsible for associated travel arrangements and expenses. Prize certificates are not transferable to any non-member of the Cadillac V-Club and must be used during the calendar year 2023. 

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