Cadillac V-Club Inc By-Laws
A State of Delaware Non-profit "non-stock" corporation

Headquarters Address:

Cadillac V-Club Inc.
4730 University Way NE

Ste-104 #2215

Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 738-3744

Compliance and Commitments
  • No person associated with the Cadillac V-Club profits from the activities or operations of our not-for-profit corporation. Earnings do not personally benefit any member of the Cadillac V-Club Operational Leadership Team (OLT).  The OLT includes all Officers and Directors of the Cadillac V-Club.
  • The Cadillac V-Club is run by a Board of Directors.
  • Voting members elect the Board of Directors.
  • Membership qualifications are defined within our Bylaws.
  • There are no stockholders and therefore no owners.
  • Shall operate under Section 501(c) 7 of the Internal Revenue Code permit tax exemption