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Gold Level Sponsors

This level is our premium level of non-Cadillac dealer sponsorship.  These sponsors are committed to the success of the Cadillac V-Club and have made a minimum financial commitment of $500.  The monetary commitment may be in any combination of products, services or cash.  They may optionally assign up to 5 of their employees as members of the V-Club to actively participate at events and activities.  Gold sponsors are not required to offer discounts off their products and services but they frequently offer special promotions available only to V-Club members and are well recognized as premier product and service providers in the industry.  Our Gold level sponsors have the first option to sponsor our special competitive events throughout each year. If you would like to learn more about this level of sponsorship, please submit a Contact Us form.


 Use the above link and promo code VCLUB23 to receive a discount off tickets you purchase for any Dream Giveaway vehicle you would like to have an opportunity to win!  For example, purchase 20 tickets, get 20 additional tickets free.

12955 Starkey Road, Suite 3900
Largo, FL 33773


Since 2007 the Dream Giveaway® brand has been licensed by a variety of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations for the purpose of conducting sponsored fundraising promotions. Since that time Dream Giveaway has delivered millions of dollars in unrestricted funds to sponsor charities and grant recipients. These funds have helped provide important assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and other worthwhile causes.

Your donation to win a Dream Giveaway goes to New Beginning Children’s Homes, a 501(c)(3) organization (Federal ID# 27-5011514), and is 100% tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Also as a result of these giveaways, unrestricted grants will be awarded to 4KIDS, MADD, Honor Flight, Smile Network International, National Guard Educational Foundation, Victory Junction, and Bright Pink.

VP Racing Fuels has a long and rich history of fueling racing champions in virtually every form of motorsports on land, sea, and air since 1975. VP  is recognized as the World Leader in Fuel Technology®.

VP’s race portfolio includes sponsorships with over 60 worldwide race series and sanctioning bodies. They’re proud to be the Official Racing Fuel of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, MotoAmerica, World Racing Group, World of Outlaws, AMA Supercross, American Flat Track, SCORE, USAC, and NMCA/NMRA.

VP’s expansive line of consumer products includes:
  • Ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuels, which are formulated for 2 and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment
  • Lubricants
  • VP Madditive® automotive performance additives
  • Stay Frosty® performance coolants
  • Car appearance products
VP accessories are available at national home improvement and automotive parts stores, as well as through online retailers.
VP branded gas stations, car washes, quick lubes, and marinas provide independent operators a proven opportunity to leverage the VP brand, drive substantial traffic, and increase revenue by offering race fuel and a full range of automotive performance and outdoor small engine products.

If you would like more information, please visit VPRacingFuels.com.


1144 Box Factory Rd
Summit Point, WV 25446
(703) 425-8886


Cutaway Creations is owned and managed by Mike McGhee. Unlike larger firms, at Cutaway Creations, Mike is involved with every job, and communicates with each client every step of the way. The depth of capability and experience that Mike brings to the job makes a Cutaway Creations project something special.

Not many people have the background and understanding of both the mechanical and body-repair sides of the automobile business. Mike, however, is Master Certified by ASE in both Automotive Technology and Auto Body. What’s more, he brings a sense of artistry to his innate technical ability.

Mike established Cutaway Creations to provide his services to a wide range of clients. He drew on relationships developed over the years with craftsmen whose work he admired and respected. The result: A top team of machinists, restoration specialists, technicians and painters who are the best in the industry.

Cutaway Creations earned its reputation on automotive projects, but the company has the capability to tackle virtually any cutaway. In fact, the staff’s broad range of experience means that we probably have an in-house expert who understands your product right now.

Call or email Cutaway Creations to find out what this talented team can do for your company.

Hooked On Driving is a community of people who love their cars, love to drive, and enjoy driving them in the controlled environment of a road course, while not competing.  Founded in 2004 as a high performance driving experience (HPDE), we enjoy driving our cars closer to their potential than is prudent on the public highways.  At Hooked On Driving, now fondly known as HOD, we encourage drivers young and old to learn more about the capabilities of their car, and develop a higher level of skill that comes from traditional highway driving. As a result, this group is more prepared for the really scary public highways!  HOD drivers share a common passion, amazing experiences, BIG FUN, great friends, and a hobby and/or sport for a lifetime.  We hasten to point out that HOD is NOT Hooked On Racing.  THIS is the thing…HOD is non-competitive, with drivers driving quickly and well, in an environment focused on safety first.  The result is the leading safety record in the HPDE industry, and customers who are having BIG FUN, rather than stressing on the ultimate lap time, or pushing too hard to pass that bully in the blue beast.

The message our drivers have for you as a potential First Timer – “JUST DO IT!!”  Bring your car in good condition and trust the HOD Team to get you started safely, while having the time of your life!!


Weatherford, TX  - 512.402.7495


Our Specialties

We are a manufacturer of aftermarket motor vehicle engine mounts and suspension parts. We design, manufacture and offer engine mounts to the automotive community that fill the void between low quality, factory installed engine mounts and the aftermarket mounts that the major manufactures fail to offer. Interestingly, the major manufactures are the ones that supplied the OEM car companies with the mount that failed in the first place.


Columbus, OH

Our Specialties

Tapout Tuning, L.L.C. specializes in custom tuning for the Cadillac LF4 twin turbo V6 engine found in the ATS-V sedan and coupe. Many have found this engine difficult to tune, or tune properly. Scott Cook, founder of Tapout Tuning, L.L.C., loves a challenge. So when he wanted “more power” from his personal ATS-V he set about learning everything there was about tuning the LF4 engine. Scott isn’t new to fast cars or tuning and is committed to help all of his customers take their Cadillac V's with the LF4 engine to a higher level of performance.

Not only does Scott offer remote tuning, his online product catalog includes performance parts and appearance accessories.  If you are looking for LF4 fuel system, induction, suspension, gaskets, seals, filters and drive train upgrades, Tapout Tuning is your one stop premier service and parts provider. Be sure to mention you are a member of the Cadillac V-Club to receive your V-Club discount.  (Your membership will be verified)


Kirkland, WA


Flying Husky Racing is still developing its programs, including lapping events and the Flying Husky Racing Club (FHRC). We're hoping we can orchestrate many further events like these in the future, and offer special experiences to our members and guests.

Our Operating Philosophy:

  • Be nice, be friendly, be safe, be cool.
  • Deliver premium track programs for enthusiasts in the PNW. We all still have plenty to learn and were all once new, but we focus our offerings for intermediate and advanced drivers.
  • We're open and inclusive. We welcome people with intermediate and advanced driving skills from all backgrounds, and aim to enable a great experience where everyone can be themselves and have a fun time.
  • We do recruit very carefully. If you know of a talented and safe driver who is also fun to have around, we’d love to meet up – perhaps as a guest at the next event. Contact us first. We're not trying to be snobbish or exclusive; we are trying to ensure we have a good group of drivers who we all trust to be on track with, and who we want to spend our precious free time around.
  • We're not competing; we're enjoying spirited driving with friends. There may be a time and place for racing; we will make that well known, and otherwise, we're not.
  • Have fun, and be excellent to each other.  


Hilo, Hawaii

KapohoKine Adventures offers the best small group adventure tours that include the incredible volcanic formations of Kilauea Volcano, lush rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, and the amazing natural beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii. We hope that exposing more people to the real Hawaii, places of pristine natural beauty and ancient raw power, will help to keep traditional Hawaii alive.

At KapohoKine Adventures, we are dedicated to using sustainable tourism to preserve and protect Hawaiian open space and legacy farm holdings. We work with local farmers and land owners to help them keep their farms producing and their open space free from development. We have access to special places normally off-limits to visitors, from the spectacular to the sublime, and we love sharing these incredible destinations with our guests.

Whether you’re after a mesmerizing view of Kilauea Volcano, or a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s history and culture, our unforgettable Big Island tours offer everything you want and more. Our professional and personable staff are ready to share an authentic Hawaiian experience with you and create priceless, everlasting memories of your Hawaii vacation.