Cadillac V-Club NORCAL Chapter Newsletter October, 2023

10/08/2023 9:07 PM | Anonymous

SOURCE: Danial Stalcup - Chapter Director

In this edition of Norcal Chapter Updates and Events:

  • New Members!
  • NorCal V-Club News!
  • Upcoming V-Club events!
  • Upcoming car enthusiast events!

New Members;
Everyone, let's welcome 3 new members to NorCal V-Club.

  • Katie S: Katie is from Moraga and has an Electric Blue CT5-V Blackwing. I met her at a Thunderhill track day.  It was her first track day and she was really enjoying it.  Nice to see another owner taking their car to the track where the car really shines!  
  • Derek J.: Derek is from Palo Alto and has a CT5-V Blackwing, I haven't met Derek yet but we hope to see you at the next event and get to know you.  
  • Kevin R.: Kevin has had a CTS V-Sport and recently announced on the Facebook groups that he just upgraded to the CT5-V Blackwing which is every V-Sport owner's dream.  He lives in Fresno and I look forward to meeting him in person.  


Member recognition:  I'd like to highlight our member Sha!  I referred Rudy (a felow Porsche friend) to Sha.  Rudy was looking for a powerful, manual trans sedan and had interest in the CT5-V Blackwing but couldn't find a dealer to let him drive one.  Sha let this stranger drive his car (probably like it was meant to be driven) and Rudy was sold!  Thanks to Sha's generosity and trust, we now have a likely future V-Club member as Rudy has ordered a CT5-V Blackwing!  Thanks Sha!

Member Sim Racing:

One of our recent events was sim racing at Drive Simulations in Concord.  Those who participated really had a great time, and our member Rich Rose had such a great time he joined a weekly racing league at Drive Simulations.  Rich captained Scuderia RKR, a 3 man team for a 6-week sim-racing league. Using state of the art simulators and cars from the GT World Challenge on Assetto Corsa Competizione, they competed at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mt. Panorama, Nurburgring, Suzuka; and Laguna Seca, CA. The three-man format gave each driver a practice/qualy/race against one driver from 5 other teams. RKR entered Laguna 15 points back and had a dominant night, going P4, P1* and P1* (*=fastest lap) for a huge points haul. Unfortunately, they finished 2 points shy in the end. But, second earned them $200 cash, $300 in vouchers and tons of great racing memories.

Rich said "It's not a game, it really is a simulation. If felt like we travelled the world and fought each other in exotic places. People were passionate, on and off the track. We built bonds, loved the competition, and signed up for the fall league. We took lots of wins, mourned a few losses, and had great comradery along the way. We expanded our driving skills, too. I highly recommend it!"

You too can join a racing league with Drive Simulations.  Visit Drive Simulations League and Drift Events

Speaking of simulators, member Philip Adams has been getting some quality parts to build his home sim and has really enjoyed the experience.  Using Assetto Corsa, just like Drive Simulations, Phil has designed his setup around his capable computer with a Fanatec CSL DD 8nm wheel and pedal setup.  If you would like to get in touch to get some advice from him, let me know and I'll get you in touch! Check out Phil's setup, he almost bought a dedicated seat but he's got something way cooler for his 2019 CTS-V coming:

V-Club Apparel:  Any members have interest in collaborating with the V-Club for some apparel design?  Maybe you have someone in the family?  If so, let me know and maybe you can help us create some awesome V-Club apparel.  

Upcoming V-Club Events:

  • Don't miss the V-Club tech talk for Kook's Headers coming on October 12th at 5pm PDT.  You should have received an email.  Kook's headers are for the V8 cars but they will surely teach you something in the tech talk.  Just another benefit of being a V-Club member!
  • Our Signature Wheel meet in Sacramento was unfortunately cancelled. It was just bad timing for everyone including myself.  We will make it happen, perhaps after the holidays.  
  • Speaking of current times, I apologize but I've got a lot on my plate in my personal life and I'm not as involved as I'd like to be right now. However, any member is welcome to organize  a meet or drive and we can get it on the calendar. 
  • I'd love to see a Mt. Hamilton/Mines Rd drive soon. I am unable to organize but if anyone wants to volunteer to lead this I would be happy to coordinate with you!
  • Λ†The 2023 NorCal V-Club Holiday Banquet planning is in its early stages.  We will let you know as soon as we have confirmed a venue and date/time.  Thank you to all who participated in our survey.  Our budget is tight based on Bay Area standards so we are glad that so many are up for a mid-day banquet as this will help us get the most out of the budget.  

Upcoming Car Enthusiast Events:

Remember to email me if you plan to attend any car event and I'll help coordinate other members that are also interested.  Who knows, you may start a chain reaction and a big V-club turnout.  All track and autocross events can be accessed through  Have an event not listed?  Share with me and I'll add it to the next newsletter.

As winter approaches, many car events dwindle down a bit so try to attend as many as possible!

Car Shows/Cars and Coffee:

Track Days:



  • 11/6: Drive Simulations Drift School.  Rich Rose and I have both signed up for drift school at Drive Simulations.  The truth is that if you can drift well, you can also recover from a serious car upset.  This is my goal with attendance, to build my drift and recovery skills and then take it to the real drift pad one day to apply these skills in the real car.  They have many classes and we are attending November 6th.  Drive Simulations League and Drift Events
  • 11/10-11/12: Velocity Invitational at Sonoma Raceway.  Cars, entertainment, legendary drivers and more.  This event also celebrates McLaren's 60th anniversary and there's lots of reasons to go!