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V-Club Dyno Day Shootout at HP Motorsports

  • 02/11/2017
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Katy, Texas


  • Competing in Dyno Day Shootout - limited to first 20 entries, excluding spectators and guests. Limited to owners of a V-Series vehicle who are active members of the Texas V-Club. You must register and submit payment to confirm your RSVP entry to compete in the Dyno Day Shootout.
  • Will not be entered in Dyno Day Shootout but will join the event as a member or spectator/guest of the V-Club.

Registration is closed

Texas V-Club Dyno Day Shootout
Want to know how much horsepower your V really puts to the ground?   HP Motorsports is hosting a private Dyno Day challenge event open to "members only" of the Texas V-Club.  Each competitor will be allowed a maximum of 3 pulls on the dyno.

Registration to participate in this Dyno Day shootout is limited to the first 20 entries.  Spectators are welcome to join the event but you MUST also register via the Texas V-Club website to confirm your attendance as a spectator or guest (also limited to 25 spectator/guests).

A food truck will be onsite if you want to purchase food and beverages. 

Pure Stock Class: OEM as delivered from factory,  no other performance adders including Cold Air Intakes (CAI) and custom tunes.

Semi Stock Class: includes aftermarket CAI, tune, headers, exhaust upgrade, pulley upgrades, injector upgrades, E-85 but no other performance adders.

Pro Modified Class: includes all "pure and semi-stock" classification specs plus one or more upgrades such as cam, heads, ported supercharger/snout, ported throttle body, meth injection,  race gas

Super Modified Class: includes both pure and semi-stock and pro-modified class specs plus one or more upgrades such as nitrous, twin turbos or fully forged built engines

Prize:  Prizes will be awarded in each class to the highest RWHP (rear wheel horsepower) V-Series vehicle.  The vehicle which dyno's the highest overall rear wheel horsepower among all classes will receive a 1 free year membership* (new or renewal) in the Texas V-Club.  Each participant will receive a printed copy of their dyno results at the event.

DATE: Saturday, February 11, 2017
TIME:  1:00PM to 6:00PM

FEE: $25 for 3 dyno pulls (V-Club is subsidizing the cost which is normally $50 for 3 pulls on the dyno)

Event Address:  1419 Vander Wilt Ln., Katy, Texas
Phone:  877-542-1770

You must RSVP to attend and pay your $25 fee in advance to confirm your entry.  No refunds unless RSVP cancellation is received 24 hours prior to event date.

* If you have already renewed your membership, the free renewal will apply to the following year.