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National Cadillac V-Team Zoom Meeting

  • 02/03/2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (PST)
  • ZOOM


  • Regional, Local Chapter or Cadillac HQs Member Participant
  • Cadillac Platinum, Gold, Silver Sponsors

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All Cadillac V-Club members are invited to join our first official Zoom web conference for an online meeting with Brandon Vivian, Cadillac Executive Chief Engineer, Mirza Grebovic, Cadillac V-Series Performance Variant Engineer and Meagan Quinn, Cadillac V-Series Marketing Manager. 

Click on the above ZOOM logo to download.  RSVP registration via CadillacVClub.com is mandatory to confirm your attendance and receive access to the ZOOM credentials necessary to participate in the meeting.  The meeting will begin promptly on February 3 at 6:00PM PST, 8:00PM CST and 9:00PM EST.    

Cadillac values your feedback and one of the benefits of V-Club membership is the ability for each member to take their ownership experience to a higher level.  This is your opportunity to interact with key GM V-Team members regarding the performance features of your vehicle and provide direct feedback on your personal ownership experience.  

This event is an extension of our Cadillac V-Club V-Performance members only forum where members can connect with GM Engineering and Marketing via the @Engineering and @Marketing topics.  In December, we held our first ever virtual meeting with the GM/Cadillac Headquarters representatives with the Pacific Northwest Region as a "pilot event".  The meeting was conducted using the ZOOM app which you will need to download and install on your computer or mobile device prior to this upcoming meeting. 

You will not want to miss out on this unique opportunity to collaborate and share first hand experiences with your fellow V-Club members and the Cadillac headquarters representatives.  This will be an informal discussion, question and answer session with no specific agenda other than to "inform" and "be informed".

This meeting will be moderated by Gene Hawks, the Cadillac V-Club Seattle Chapter Director.  Due to ZOOM attendee limitations, this event is restricted to only members of the Cadillac V-Club and to the first 100 members who RSVP to attend. If you have a family membership or are a sponsor of the V-Club, please RSVP register only once and share your Zoom meeting session.

Based on the success of of our first ZOOM event in December 2020, we will continue to host additional ZOOM meetings in the future.