Cadillac V-Club & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

03/26/2020 5:03 PM | Anonymous

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has impacted the health and well-being of individuals and communities around the world. Businesses all over the world are having to evolve and adapt to accommodate this fluid situation. We have already seen some industries grind to a halt, while others will be forever altered.

We understand that priorities will be revised as you personally adapt and I want to reassure you that the Cadillac V-Club Board of Directors is very concerned and care about each and everyone of you. We are fortunate that we can use our website, social media and email to communicate with you.  National, regional and local chapter events are on hold for now but when the "shelter in place" order is lifted, once again we'll be proudly driving our cars, planning and attending events.  Once the ban on social gatherings is lifted, I have asked each Chapter Director to schedule a special "celebration" meet 'n greet event for members. Spouses and children are welcome to attend this special event and there will be no guest fees for regional members or members with a single membership.

Public health officials are stressing proper sleep, good nutrition and plenty of exercise to keep our immune systems strong. More than ever, sports and recreation will help take care of your mind and body even if it is simply exercising at home. I firmly believe our V-Series community is strong and we will overcome whatever comes our way.

During these uncertain times, I am sure some of you will be directly impacted financially.   If your membership comes up for renewal during the next couple of months and you don't have the funds to pay and you would like an extension, simply reply to this email and I will extend your payment due date for your invoice by 3 months.  If you simply cannot pay your renewal until you return to work and require additional time, we will do whatever we can to assist you. 

We do not want to see any member leave the V-Club because they have been temporarily been laid off or furloughed.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need some relief financially and would like to remain an member of the V-Club. I hope this small gesture helps you and your family. We are facing this challenge together, America is strong and I am confident we will win the battle against this virus. 

You may have read online that we recently launched the San Francisco, CA chapter. We are proud to announce that we will also be launching chapters in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and Oklahoma City, OK in the near future. Even with year-to-year membership attrition, we will soon exceed 400 active members for the first time in our 6 year history.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and healthy!

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