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    Partial reprint from Victoria Advocate Article

    The sun was high and the track was hot Friday morning when Kurt Decker pulled up to the start line at the Texas Mile, full of nerves and adrenaline.

    Less than a minute later, Kurt set a new world record.

    “You always have your nerves when you start because you know you're pushing the limits,” Decker said, a few hours later. “I knew I was going fast because the speedometer stops at 200. I was looking for 210, but then they handed me the ticket and it said 212.”

    Event organizers said Decker, 42, set the new Cadillac CTS-V blower-only half-mile record at 177.5 mph and full-mile record at 212 mph on Friday.

    He is among many racers who enjoy pushing vehicles’ limits at the bi-annual Texas Mile event, held at Victoria Regional Airport.

    Decker, who owns LSX Performance Dyno Tuning in Mission Valley and works as a chemical engineer for Dow Chemical Company, said he has been coming to the Texas Mile with his team members since 2004, including Patrick Guerra, who tunes cars at his shop.

    The LSX Performance Dyno Tuning team is one of the few local teams that is at the Texas Mile this weekend, though Decker and Guerra have worked on many of the vehicles at the event.

    Patrick Guerra, of Pat G Tuning in Victoria, custom calibrates the ECU perimeters on Bruce Warren’s 2011 Cadillac CTS-V before Warren makes a run at the Texas Mile. This is the second time Warren, of Traverse City, Mich., has participated in the top speed event held at the Victoria Regional Airport.

    “We’ll typically have 15 to 20 vehicles at any Texas Mile that we’ve modified or tuned. For our little Victoria shop, we pull people from many states over,” Guerra said. “The camaraderie is awesome; we share business with each other. I am helping a guy today from Michigan, who came down and wanted me to give him a good tune.”

    Guerra has developed a reputation for tuning cars over his years in Victoria. Currently, he said he tunes for 64 different shops across the country and sends them by computer to people around the world.

    “It went from part-time work for me to full-time work and tuning just for Kurt’s shop to now tuning for 64 shops,” Guerra said.

    Shannon Matus, co-owner and CEO of the Texas Mile, said the three-day event originally started out as a small get together with friends.

    As the event has grown, Matus is glad to say that the competition has remained friendly.

    “It isn’t like it is in drag-racing. It is competitive but you help one another, and it is very family-oriented,” Matus said.

    On Saturday Kurt reset the CTS-V blower only 1/2 and 1 mile record.
    143.5 in 1/4, 178.6 in the 1/2 and 213.6mph at the mile.

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    Cadillac V-Series Results - October 26-28, 2018

     1/4 Mile
     1/2 Mile
     1 Mile
     Kurt Decker
    2011 CTS-V Sedan
     143.5  178.6  213.6
     Bruce Warren
    2011 CTS-V Sedan
     143.8  178.2  206.8
     Shane Miller
    2011 CTS-V Coupe
     140.2  174.3  204.6
     James Corona
    2011 CTS-V Wagon
     135.8  166.7  196.0
     Zach Miser
    2009 CTS-V Sedan
     131.1  165.4  194.6
     Dan Baker
    2009 CTS-V Sedan
     125.4  160.7  193.5
     Bruce Hole
    2013 CTS-V Sedan
     126.8  162.6  192.4
     Earl Parmer
    2015 CTS-V Coupe
     129.5  157.6  184.6
     Randi Rea
    2009 CTS-V Sedan
     121.3  147.2  172.9
     Geary Hare
    2014 CTS-V Wagon
     143.5  139.0  162.9
     DJ Culkar
    2016 CTS-V Sedan
     115.6  140.6  161.8
     John McCaine
    2014 CTS-V Wagon
     117.6  143.0  165.3
     Roger Ridlon
    2016 ATS-V Sedan
     110.9  132.2  151.8

    Names in "bold" are Cadillac V-Club members. Congratulations to all competitors!

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