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    September 8 marked the annual running of Holley LS Fest, where thousands of fans and competitors bring their LS powered V8 vehicles to Bowling Green, KY to do battle on the asphalt. There is drag racing, autocross, and many other events through the weekend, but the big show on Saturday night always features the Drift Challenge.

    Taylor had a small issue during qualifying, rendering his Cadillac ATS to only 7 cylinders which only allowed him to qualify 8th in the field of 22 cars. Hull would first battle Wood in his LS swapped Nissan, with Taylor getting the win and moving on to the Elite 8. The competition would really heat up from that point on. Hull battled three straight drivers that all carry Formula Drift licenses in Geoff Donati, Jonathan Hurst, and Andrew Schulte. These drivers qualified 1st, 4th, and 2nd respectively, so Hull had no easy path to the top.

    One by one, Hull’s Magnuson supercharged RHS LS7 propelled him ahead in the lead and allowed him to keep very close proximity in the chase. The speed of the Cadillac and great handling on Achilles 123s Radials landed Taylor in the final battle, right where he had hoped and planned to be. Confidence was high as everything had gone perfectly until Hull experienced an alternator failure pulling to the starting line for the finals. The ATS had enough charge to complete the chase, but died coming across the finish line where the team was forced to use their 5 minute competition timeout.
    Thanks to some quick thinking on the fly by The Memphis based COMP Cams crew, Hull made it back to the starting line with seconds to spare. Borla exhaust echoed through the compound while Taylor had his best run of the weekend in the moments that followed.

    The top 3 finishers were called to the finish line to announce the winner right in front of the fans. Taylor was announced the winner. Fans cheered, and Gregg Bucell approached Taylor for an interview. With a smile from ear to ear Taylor said “This is easily the biggest win of my career. This is an event that everyone in drifting would love to have in their trophy case and we got it! I thought we were about to give it away there in the final, but we pulled it together somehow. I just finished putting the engine back in yesterday too, I just want to thank the guys from Comp Cams and Logan at Jon Kaase Racing. Trent, Dave, Billy…all those guys have put a lot of time and effort getting a reliable piece together for me and look at us now! It’s great too for our partners like Affirm Consulting and Stickershark to finally get a win for them after supporting us so long.”

    Taylor held up his trophy, his engraved steering wheel and a box of brand new Fortune Auto coilovers as his wife and spotter made it to the ceremony. Taylor will compete next at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas for round 7 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

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    This past weekend (July 20-21) was Formula Drift's annual visit to the Pacific Northwest at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington just outside Seattle. The weather was beautiful and thousands of fans would fill the stands for the weekends display of tire slaying drift action.

    Taylor's Cadillac had the engine refreshed during the mid season break and had a great test session at Atlanta Motorsports Park over July 4th weekend so the team entered the event with high hopes. He was able to make some early runs in practice on Thursday and quickly identified that a rear gear change needed to be made to reach the high speeds of Evergreen. Following the adjustment, the car came to life and Taylor was able to adapt to the track again quickly as he had not competed at the venue since 2015. Practice concluded Thursday at 4PM and the team was confident.

    Friday brought more practice laps to help hone in on a solid line before qualifying in the afternoon. Hull would go on to qualify into the top 32, but not as high as he or the team hoped after going off course on his second qualifying run. He had to rely solely on his first run which would land him in 30th. The day would finish with an all driver autograph session where all the fans in attendance could interact with the drivers.

    Saturday would continue the trend of no mechanical issues as Taylor's Cadillac ATS performed solidly in final practice. The team continued to lower the tire pressure in the Achilles Radial 123s tires searching for every last bit of grip the car had to offer. Fully prepared, Taylor took to the track battling Justin Pawlack in his 2016 Roush Mustang. Taylor was able to chase close to Pawlack and following the duo's first battle, Ryan Sage (Formula Drift co-founder and announcer) was quoted saying "You can certainly tell that Hull has made some dramatic improvements to the vehicle and how its performing." Taylor would lead next and complete a good lead run, but upon conclusion of the battle, the judges would deem Pawlack the winner.

    When Hull returned to the pits, he wore a smile from ear to ear. "That was a lot of fun huh? We battled one of the best there and got beat. I'm ok with that. I learned a lot that I can implement moving forward through the rest of the season and the Comp Cams, Achilles Radial, Affirm Consulting Cadillac ATS is running outstanding. I cannot wait to get back out on track!"

    The next event will be in a few short weeks on August 10-11 at Gateway Motorsports Park in St Louis. This is a track new to Formula Drift which will give rookies and veterans alike a equal opportunity to quickly learn and excel. Taylor will be pushing harder than ever with the improved performance and he would like to thank all his partners who have helped support his program this season.

    Comp Cams
    Achilles Radial
    Affirm Consulting
    Fuel Air Spark Technology
    Borla Exhaust
    Fortune Auto USA
    Driven Racing Oil
    Sticker Shark
    Magnuson Superchargers
    OMP Racing
    Cosmis Wheels
    Committed Service Brand
    Royalty Performance
    Top Garage
    Racing Head Service
    JE Pistons
    Eagle Specialty Products
    Evolved Injection
    Driveshaft Shop
    Advanced Clutch Technology
    CSF Radiators
    Verocious Motorsports
    Aloha Green Tea Hawaii
    Chase Graphics
    Custom Sheet Metal Of Delaware

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    This weekend Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga played host to the 2018 Formula Drift competition debut of Taylor Hull and his new competition car, the first Cadillac ever to compete in professional drifting, a 2015 ATS-V.
    Practice began Thursday morning with Cadillac’s engine fighting to stay cool against the sweltering north Georgia heat. After a long day of troubleshooting, the team diagnosed the issue as a faulty water pump and had the car ready to rejoin the field Friday morning after the one hour autograph session where he was able to spend some time with hundreds of drift fans. With qualifying looming in the afternoon, only a single hour and a half practice session was left to get both car and driver prepared to successfully qualify into top 32. Friday would prove to be vastly different storyline as practice went well. The team worked closely with Fortune Auto during practice to get the dreadnaught coilovers to Taylor’s liking.
    Taylor was the very first driver to take to the high speed road course of Road Atlanta for qualifying. He navigated the course successfully and scored a 73, putting him 26th and safely in the top 32 and moving on to Saturday’s main event.
    “I wanted to get a solid score my first qualifying run. We were pretty conservative, but I certainly didn’t want to come this far and make a mistake that would cost us a chance at making it to Saturday. I got a little too aggressive on my 2nd run and made some mistakes, but I’m happy overall with the result, especially in front of my hometown crowd!” Hull commented following qualifying.
    20,000 fans were in attendance when Saturday kicked off with a short practice session where the Comp Cams Cadillac continued to look better and better on track in preparation for top 32 battle. With no mechanical issues to speak of and the car running well, Taylor and the team were ready.

    The ensuing battle with Chris Forsberg, a three time champion of the series would fill the air with Achilles Radial smoke along with some Georgia red clay. When the dust settled, Forsberg had bested Hull in battle but Taylor remained positive looking toward the rest of the season as he was quoted saying “We lost our battle with Chris (Forsberg) but the Cadillac is running very well, we had no issues to speak of the last two days and we’re headed to some ovals next that I feel very comfortable on. Confidence is high looking to the next few rounds!”
    Taylor will be taking the ATS-V to Wall, New Jersey next to compete at round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship on June 1-2. He will continue to develop the new platform between rounds at multiple practice days. He anticipates the car will be faster and transition even better at the high bank asphalt oval next month.
    Taylor was able to spend some time with several of his partners this weekend. They managed to even find each other all at the same time to snap a picture together.

    Left: Matt(Fortune Auto) Left center: Trent(Comp Cams) Right center: Taylor Hull Right: Dennis(Affirm Consulting)
    Taylor Hull is partnered with:
    Comp Cams, Achilles Radial, Affirm Consulting, Borla Exhaust, Fuel Air Spark Technology, Fortune Auto USA, Magnuson Superchargers, Racing Head Service, Sticker Shark, OMP Racing, Cosmis Racing, Drink Doc, Committed Service Brand, Royalty Performance, Top Garage, JE Pistons, Eagle Specialty Products, Driven Racing Oil, Evolved Injection, Driveshaft Shop, CSF Radiators, Verocious Motorsports, Advanced Clutch Technology, Aloha Green Tea Hawaii, Chase Graphics, and Custom Sheet Metal of Delaware
    Round 4: The Gauntlet June 1 – 2 / Wall, NJ
    Round 5: Throwdown July 20 – 21 / Monroe, WA
    Round 6: St. Louis August 10 – 11 / St. Louis, MO
    Round 7: Showdown September 14 – 15 / Dallas, TX
    Round 8: Title Fight October 12 – 13 – Irwindale, CA
    Photos: David Karey, Larry Chen, Bagel Media
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    Source: Partial Reprint from Drift Illustrated and Formula D

    1. Tell us about your back story and how you got into drifting?

    I started racing when I was 13 years old. I drove all different types of race cars, but finally after winning races and championships across multiple different series I wanted to try something different. In high school I had two friends Emmett Ashe and Cody Jett that were really into drifting so I knew about it and It always interested me. Finally one day I just decided to sell everything that I owned racing related and buy a drift car and that's how I got started.

    2. What was your first drift car and were did you learn to drift?

    My first drift car was a 1991 Nissan 240SX S13. I actually bought a car that already had an LS1 in it that someone simply never finished. I spent a couple thousand dollars finishing it and that was my drift car all the way through proam. I sold it to one of my friends who is actually rebuilding it to be his missile car now.

    As far as where I learned to drift, I learned a lot of driving techniques and fundamentals through my different forms of motor sports growing up and that's where the foundation for drifting was learned. I still had to learn a lot once I actually started drifting. I won't lie hitting the occasional Walmart parking lot when I was younger didn't hurt anything either!

    3. What was your first drift competition? 

    Believe it or not I didn't get into drifting to compete necessarily which will probably come as a surprise to most of the people that know me. I'm extremely competitive but I just got into drifting because I thought it would be fun. That being said my first competition and drifting was probably six months after I got into it, I couldn't help myself! I started competing with streetwise drift. I didn't do so well, but I kept working at it and eventually it started to click.

    4. tell us how you took your passion for drifting to earn a formula Drift license?

    You know, you just work at it. You have to work really hard at it if it's your passion. During my proam season in 2013, I think I was sixth or seventh going into the last round. The points were really tight, and, everything just fell my way and I had a really good event that day and ended up finishing I think third in points. Before that I really hadn't given a whole lot of thought to what I would do if I actually got my FD license, but once I did I decided that day that I was going to chase it hard as I could for as long as I could and did pretty well my first year of pro 2, and ended up learning earning my pro license in 2016.

    5. Your first year in Formula Drift has seen some struggles. Tell about your first season as a pro? Was it what you expected or was the jump from Pro2 much bigger that you thought?

    Of course Formula Drift Pro is challenging. But I would not say that it is more challenging than what I expected it to be. Every one of these guys in pro has earned the right to be there and they're in pro for reason. They're extremely talented and I knew it will be very difficult. That being said, We've had some mechanical issues this year the plagued us which is one of the reasons for building a new car for 2018.

    6. So now lets get into your 2018 Formula Drift car choice. Whats the back story? How did you come to this decision?

    First of all I love Cadillacs, I always have. I've been considering building a CTS for the last few years, but the timing and the money simply just wasn't right. This year some of the rules are changing for Formula Drift and the timing was just right to make a change. We chose the ATS because it has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the CTS. We chose the Cadillac because it's a newer car that still in production, it looks awesome and it's a marketable platform for the type of partners that we would like to attract. Also I'm very partial to GM engines and I'd love to run in the manufactures championship as well.

    8. What can you tell us about how you got the car itself or how you plan on getting your hands on one.

    I've been searching for an ATS for probably the past six months I've looked on auction websites, I've looked on the Internet, craigslist… All sorts of different places. I found this particular car at a salvage yard in Dallas Texas and my wife and I drove out there and got it just a few weeks ago. There was no reason to spend a huge amount of money on a car that I was going to strip down and redo so this was the best way that we decided to go about building kind of our FD dream car.

    9. Walk us through some of your build plans, Like what motor package? will it be supercharged or turbo? anything you can tell us to pump up the fans.

    Honestly, this is the part that still probably most up in the air. In a perfect world, we hope to stick with the LS platform that we are so used to at this point. Our partnership with Magnuson superchargers has been awesome so I hope to continue running a supercharged set up on the new car. I can tell you the car will look aggressive, it'll have a sweet set of ROVOS wheels on it... and we've had conversations with some people that build drift cars a lot better than myself to help me put this thing together and remedy some of our mechanical failures from 2017…Beyond that… I'll be as excited to share updates with the drift in community as I get them.

    10. Now that the word is out that your building a Cadillac tell the fans how they can follow the build and your success in 2018.

    Well, I'll be posting all the time on Instagram and Facebook mostly. You can follow me on either at @taylorhull82. I will also be filming all different types of videos on my YouTube channel, many will be focusing on the Cadillac build, and there will also be several with my Plymouth duster that I will continue to work on as well as my wife's Mustang.

    Follow Taylor Hull on Facebook, Instagram and FormulaD.com

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