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Inaugural Cadillac V-Club HPDE at Motorsport Ranch

  • 03/03/2018
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Cresson, Texas


  • Registration for advanced group - Full refunds allowed up to 48 hours prior to event
  • Registration for intermediate group - Full refunds allowed up to 48 hours prior to event
  • Registration for novice group - Full refunds allowed up to 48 hours prior to event.
  • If you are attending as a non-driver participant or are a guest of a driver, you must RSVP register. Membership in the Cadillac V-Club is required to attend this event. Lunch is not included for spectators and guests.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

No speed limits, no pedestrians, no stoplights, but best of all – no tickets. The Cadillac V-Club in partnership with Apex Driving Academy will provide you with an experienced instructor to help guide you through the event, one on one, as you learn how to handle your car at the limit. You set your own goals and only go as fast as you feel comfortable going. Progress as far as you wish in your own car at your own pace, become a safer driver on the street, and have a blast along the way!

High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) refers to a driving school held on a dedicated race track designed to teach drivers proper high speed driving. Cadillac V-Club member John Holmes is the owner of Apex Driving Academy and has agreed to partner with us and reserve the entire Novice group for the V-Club at Motorsport Ranch on Saturday, March 3.  The Novice group is limited to 17 drivers and all other classes are limited to 18 drivers,  registration is "first come first serve". 

The cost to participate will be determined by the program level you select and you will be provided with an experienced instructor, classroom sessions in between run groups, and over two hours of dedicated track time plus classroom instruction. 

Click here to view a tentative agenda for the day.

Motorsport Ranch
9012 Performance Court
Cresson, TX 76035

Website: www.motorsportranch.com

Apex Driving Academy will provide bottled water throughout the day
Cadillac V-Club will provide a catered lunch at no cost to participants

You are required to complete out a driver profile on www.motorsportreg.com in order to be admitted to the class. If you don’t fill out a profile, Apex will not admit you to the class.

Basic requirements include:

  1. you must be a licensed driver
  2. you will need a helmet rated Snell 2010 or better (you can rent one from Apex if you don’t have one)
  3. drive a track worthy car that you will need to perform a track inspection on prior to the event.

The Novice program ($250) is for drivers who are new to driving on a racing circuit, or only have one or two previous events. The full day program includes classroom instruction throughout the day, on-track drills to help you learn some basic skills before you drive at speed, in-car instruction, and of course several sessions at speed.

The Intermediate program ($235) is tailored towards drivers who have mastered the basics, and includes classroom instruction throughout the day, as well as in-car instruction.  To register for this program you must provide evidence of your track driving experience or certification.

The Advanced program ($210) is for experienced drivers. In-car instruction is still available and encouraged, and classroom time is more specific and focuses on fine tuning of skills using advanced techniques. To register for this program you must provide evidence of your track driving experience or certification.

In order to participate, you are required to RSVP and pay in advance of the event via the CadillacVClub.com website.  The V-Club will collect all participant fees and write one check to Apex Driving Academy.  Your entry is not guaranteed until your payment is received.  A wait list will be available if one of the sessions sells out.

We are estimating this event to sell out so if you want guaranteed entry, don't delay your registration.  We will provide you a full refund as long as you cancel within 48 hours (2 days) prior to the event so that a member on the waitlist can be offered your entry in the class.  No exceptions on refund policy.

This is an excellent opportunity to test your track driving skills in a safe environment behind the wheels of your Cadillac V.  Apex offers a curriculum that goes beyond that of typical performance driving schools.  The programs are designed for drivers of all experience levels and includes techniques and skills you can apply with the assistance of your in-car instructor.  Classroom sessions are brief but informative. You will leave this event with improved driving confidence in yourself and your Cadillac V!

For additional info, here’s a link to Apex’s FAQ, you’ll also find the link to download and print the tech inspection form there. www.apexdrivingacademy.com/information.htm#faq1